Path in woods with fence

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Places for Everyone is Greater Manchester’s Joint Development Plan for housing, the economy and the environment (previously known as the GMSF). We believe that it needlessly proposes Green Belt and Protected Open Land for development, which will cause harm to the climate, the environment and people’s well-being, without providing sufficient affordable homes, sustainable transport, health care facilities or schools. It should be carefully assessed by the Secretary of State on behalf of the citizens of Greater Manchester. If you support this view, please sign the petition on the above link.

Note: “Brownfield land” means land that has been previously developed. “Buffer” refers to extra numbers added as a contingency in case more than expected is needed.


Save Greater Manchester’s Greenbelt (SGMGB) is an umbrella group and greenspace groups across GM to come together, share ideas, plan campaigns for engagement of their local communities and to lobby elected representatives, we are a true grassroots movement.

Our mantra is “stronger together”

Below are various images of our rally in Manchester plus several images of our stunning Green Belt. They are not just any old images. Sadly, they are images of our member group’s areas and their actual beautiful and much treasured Green Belt that is currently under threat from developers’ shovels.

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