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A Triple Challenge for SGMGB

Lending Support to Save Greater Manchester’s Green Belt Group but not sure how YOU can help?

Read on – because there are 3 things you can do!


Dear SGMGB Supporter
As you know, Save Greater Manchester’s Green Belt Group is an umbrella body for
over 40 community organisations across Greater Manchester. We represent the
views of those who do not agree with the unnecessary and unsustainable release of
biodiversity-rich Green Belt.
Does that include YOU?

If it does then we need your help and here are three things you can do.

1. Help us get lots of signatures on our petition:

2. Help us raise funding for legal and expert advice and for a judicial
review of the Places for Everyone Plan:

3. Respond to the Modifications Consultation:

1.  We have created a petition please click here to download a printable copy of the petition to request that the Secretary of State for Levelling Up,
Housing and Communities intervenes in the Places for Everyone Plan because
we believe the Green Belt release is not in accordance with government policy,
that the plan, which focuses on market housing and warehousing, is
discriminatory and that the evidence put forward is flawed.
We would welcome your help to share the petition as widely as possible in your
communities and to all the social media groups you belong to (don’t forget to
make sure you and all your family members sign it too). There is no lower age
limit for signatures but the person signing must understand what they are signing.
In fact, we hope lots of young people will get involved because this 17-year plan
will have a huge impact on their futures.
We would like to demonstrate the extensive lack of community support,
particularly for the release of Green Belt in the plan, so please make this a priority
for sharing on social media, by email and in person.

Sign the petition

Please click  here to download a printable copy of the petition

2.  At the same time as helping us to secure signatures on our petition, we’d also like
to start the process of raising funds for the legal and expert advice we will need to
take a judicial review.
We know the cost-of-living crisis has impacted many people but a small donation
from each family signing the petition would really help us in our fundraising

You can make an online payment directly into our bank account

(Save GMGreenBelt 08-92-99, Account Number 65826410), alternatively, you can use Paypal (https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/SaveGMGreenBelt)

SGMGB paypal QR code

If you find it easier to give a cash donation, we can arrange for one of our local Group Leads to collect it from you.

Again, please encourage others to donate a small amount using social media,
emails and in person requests.

3.  The next step in the Places for Everyone Examination in Public is the
Modifications Consultation, which we currently expect to run from mid October for
8 weeks.
SGMGB Committee members and other Group Leads will do a detailed technical
response. If you also wish to respond yourself, we will be arranging a public
meeting to provide hints and tips for responders.
We recognise that not everyone will wish to complete a response and this is not a
problem because the consultation is not about number of responses (unlike the
petition), it is about ensuring the content is relevant to the Planning Inspector
requirements (is the Modification needed to make the plan “sound”).

Thank you for your ongoing support for SGMGB, it is much appreciated. We hope you can help us get over the triple hurdle of petition, fundraising and consultation, which we are facing over the coming weeks.

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